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Twintag, EE Labels, and Tricorp of Belgium have launched smart woven QR codes

Twintag and EE Labels have announced the signing of a ground-breaking commercial cooperation agreement that emphasizes the relevance of multipurpose QR codes – “twintags” – in the deployment of a Digital Product Passport (DPP) and the support of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). In this collaboration, EE Labels supplies its specialist woven QR code labels, while Twintag delivers the needed digital experience for these labels. Tricorp Workwear, a global leader in workwear, is a pioneering customer in this relationship.

Companies will be expected to present their consumers with extensive and accurate information about their products’ origin, composition, maintenance, and life cycle by adopting tighter European legislation around DPP and EPR. Consumers may quickly and easily access this and other information by scanning the QR code with their smartphone using EE Labels’ smart QR code labels. It also significantly simplifies dealings with the manufacturer, such as warranty and return requests. According to a news release, Twintag supports the underlying digital experiences, allowing companies to provide their consumers with a more enriched and integrated experience.

“About transparency and sustainability, it is more important than ever for businesses to provide their customers with insight into the full lifecycle of their products.” “Our woven QR code labels are critical to achieving this goal, and we are excited to collaborate with Twintag and Tricorp Workwear to bring this innovation to market,” said Marc Evers, CEO of EE Labels.

“Through this collaboration, we can assist brands in meeting EPR requirements by enabling them to manage their products transparently and traceably.” “Our technology, when combined with EE Labels’ woven QR code labels, provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for both brands and consumers,” stated Alexander Carpentier, CEO of Twintag, emphasizing the partnership’s importance in helping the industry.

“As a market pioneer, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate our products and provide the best possible solutions to our customers.” Our efforts to promote transparency and sustainability rely heavily on the Digital Product Passport and Extended Producer Responsibility. By collaborating with Twintag and EE Labels, we can harness their knowledge and technology to expand our services and better serve our clients. “Using the woven QR code labels will make it easier for our customers to access important product information and will help us take responsibility for the full life cycle of our products,” stated Tricorp Workwear’s Ruud Kuijpers, emphasizing the importance of the DPP and EPR for Tricorp.

This collaboration agreement can potentially change how companies and customers communicate and engage. Brands like Tricorp Workwear will be able to provide their consumers with an upgraded and more integrated experience while satisfying the DPP and EPR criteria by integrating EE Labels’ smart QR code labels with Twintag’s digital experiences.

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