19th Istanbul International Yarn Fair

The 19th Istanbul International Yarn Fair will take place from June 1-3

From June 1-3, manufacturers in the yarn business, the essential raw material in the textile industry, will gather for the 19th time at the TUYAP Fair and Exhibition Centre for the Istanbul International Yarn Fair. Visitors will experience the transformation adventure of recyclable yarns and sector advances in the fair, set up on an area of 40,000m2 with new extra halls added this year owing to high demand.

The largest yarn show in Eurasia is set to open its doors on June 1, 2023. This year, 15,000 attendees are scheduled to attend the 19th TÜYAP Istanbul International Yarn Fair, including over 500 enterprises.

The expo will run through June 3, and guests will come from all over the world, including Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Algeria, China, Indonesia, Ghana, South Korea, Iran, Israel, Japan, Canada, Qatar, Kuwait, Malaysia, Egypt, Russia, and Vietnam. The event will unite yarn industry titans with local businesses and will play a critical role in increasing exports. Participants in the exhibition can obtain assistance from the Turkish Ministry of Trade and the KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprise Development Organization).

Following an intense participation request from the industry, more rooms have been added to the 19th Istanbul International Yarn Fair this year. This translates to a 100% increase in the fair’s m2 size, which will be hosted in 7 rooms and an area of 40,000 m2. Industry professionals have shown a strong interest in the fair, with online ticket requests increasing by 25% over the previous year.

A more significant number of visitors are coming from the top exporting countries. In 2022 Turkey’s textile and raw material exports will reach 2.7 million tonnes. Most textiles and raw materials were directed to the 27 EU members, with Italy ranking top and Germany ranking second.

The African countries were the second-highest exporting country group in the same year. According to a press statement from the organizer, these nations are among the first 15 to send requests to attend this year’s Istanbul Yarn Fair.

Yarns made of synthetic-artificial filament fibers, cotton yarns, yarns made of synthetic-artificial discontinuous fibers, yarns made of wool and thin-thick animal hairs, yarns made of vegetable fibers, silk yarns, and other yarn types will be displayed at the fair as the yarn industry’s most exported yarn types. With a focus on the circular economy, one of today’s hot topics, a unique display area of recycled yarns will be set up in the fair hall, where visitors can experience the journey of the yarn from trash to finished product. Visitors to the event will experience firsthand how a plastic bottle is transformed into a pullover.

The exhibition area will be used to display sample items from the participating enterprises that manufacture recyclable yarn and will provide an adequate setting for visitors to view the products in detail at the participants’ stands. The expo will feature eco-friendly, high-performance, and high-quality items and will be the largest commercial meeting of the international yarn industry. While last year’s participants stated that their order volume climbed by 81% at the show, 32% of visitors indicated that they purchased items at the event. Last year, the expo attracted 10,282 industry experts, and solid promotional efforts are ongoing to expand the diversity and quantity of visitors this year.



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